How to - Write a TEEEC Paragraph / Argument / Essay / Thesis

How to write an argument (for or against), and how these techniques can be used in essay and thesis writing.

T Topic

Your first sentence introduces the TOPIC you will be writing about in a paragraph.

E Expand

The second sentence EXPANDS upon the topic, giving more information.  Add extra detail or define the topic further.

E Example/Evidence

This sentence provides an EXAMPLE of the topic you are writing about in this paragraph.


This sentence EXPLAINS what you are writing about.  Explain/Elaborate how your example/evidence proves your point.

When you explain something you may use terms such as:

... this may result in;

... as a consequence;

... therefore;

C Conclusion/Connect

This last sentence CONNECTS back to the topic introduced in the first sentence.  Sum up your main point with a strong final statement.



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